Firm Description

Landscape is a powerful agent of perception. It sustains our spirits while facilitating daily activities and functions. Beauty is inherent in growing things and natural materials, although we often don't see it. Design at its best captures our attention and re-focuses our consciousness on the interplay of light, breeze, texture, color and living things.

Richard Johnson Landscape Architect provides full design services for residential, public, institutional and commercial landscape clients.

Each project is a unique creation synthesized from the client's desires and needs, environmental and permitting constraints, budget, and the project's relationship to its natural and built context.

Sustainability is an important consideration, as are aesthetic resonance and craftsmanship. Planting design is a particular strength.

Projects range in size from small scale to multi-million dollar phased landscape construction. Richard is a team player, experienced in collaborating with architects, engineers and contractors, and with clients represented by individuals and committees.